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Cultivating Trust: Feeling Held By Grace In A World Of Change
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7 - 9 May

Join international author and presenter Miranda Macpherson as together we explore the invitation to change and transformation that our spiritual paths offer us.

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Esalen Massage Certification Training

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25 June - 23 July

Perry and Johanna Holloman return to Findhorn with their month-long training, offering in-depth experience and practice of basic Esalen Massage techniques, a unique form of bodywork developed at the Esalen Institute in California.

Remembering the Nature of Council
21 - 27 May
A training to deepen our experience of the Way of Council, encouraging community through honest and compassionate expression.

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Jeddah Mali - Embracing a New Chapter for Humanity
11 - 12 June
What does the future world we desire require of us now? Join Jeddah in this 2-day exploration of the options that are available to mankind at this time of increased challenge. (With optional follow-on 3-day retreat.)

Patch Adams: Loving Work - Loving Play
gambar ngeri kemalangan wanitagambar ngeri kemalangan wanitagambar ngeri kemalangan wanitagambar ngeri kemalangan wanitangeri 28 - 29 May
Experience the love, fun and true happiness that Patch Adams brings as he shows us that "the most revolutionary act one can commit in our world is to be happy."

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